Talking musings:

* Co-musings on all things, on the Podcast Nine-Minute Musings, with Allana & Meirav. 
Listen on Spotify.

Guest musings…

* On numerous podcasts about the Inconceivable solo show, click here for full list and episode links.
* On Sisters Crown Podcast about “using your YES”: Listen here.
* On Yorick Radio Productions podcast about all things improv, theatre education, and Jack-of-all-trades: Listen here.

Written musings:

Infertility: A Comedy, featured in Glamour Magazine.

Infertility Has Made Me Crazy, How About You?, featured in Fertility Rescripted (formerly The Fertility Tribe).

The Roller Coaster That Couples Never Want to Ride, featured in the Today Show Parenting Community, TODAY.COM

Forever the Infertile?, featured in Fertility Help Hub.