INCONCEIVABLE JOURNEY is a true story [happening in real time] periodically sent directly to your inbox,
documenting the inconceivable journey of a show [named Inconceivable].

Hi there!
Do you enjoy watching “the making of”/behind-the-scenes of plays, movies, or TV shows?
What if you could’ve been there as it happened?
This newsletter is sort of that, but it isn’t the complete story because it is still happening.

My name is Meirav Zur. I am an actor, writer, and producer.  One of my most recent productions that I wrote and perform is Inconceivable: The Totally True One-Woman Semi-Fertile Quasi-“Musical” (see all official show info here).  It was a first for me– a SOLO stage show where I portray myself. The topic: My personal experiences with infertility. AND it’s a comedy.

It started in 2016 with a one-night gathering of several dear friends in my living room, where I finally told them my kept-secret experiences.  After seeing how that opened up a discussion of what was apparently taboo, and at the urging and support of these friends, I understood that not only could I possibly turn this into a real show for more people to see, I NEEDED to do so.

Until that night, I had kept all these experiences to myself and my husband.  Since then, that one-night “presentation” began an unexpected journey of its own.  It became an actual stage show.  I performed it multiple times.  Then I performed it at a National Theater. And then in the theater district in New York City!  People were connecting, sharing, learning, and laughing. It wasn’t at all linear, there were disappointments and failures along with the successes.  I was learning a lot about myself and many wonderful people I got to meet because of this show, and in some way they became part of this journey.  So much became possible… 

I love going to Broadway shows and had always thought it was way beyond what I could accomplish, all while telling my daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to.  Then I thought, “I can’t tell her to dream big and accomplish anything she wants but not do so myself…”
So first and foremost, this is to show her what’s possible, and to keep myself accountable.
And why not document it all, and have audiences join the story in real time? Theater at its core can’t work without an audience.
But now the audience can be part of the process.

Enter the Inconceivable Journey.
It is a newsletter with updates on the show: The ups and downs, developments and stalls, backstage and on stage…   
I’ll be sharing what happens when we dare to talk taboo, particularly the lessons learned along the way.
And you will have opportunities to get involved, too.

This will be a more personal space than my social media/Instagram, because many times it felt like there’s some sort of disconnect there.

This newsletter will be sent directly to your inbox about once a week or so.
No ads.
You can write back to me.  In fact, please do!
You will be the first to get notified on any future performances.
There will also be [free] live events and other fun stuff just for us to connect. It’s part of the journey, too, of course.
My hope is that if you’ve seen this show (or if you’re interested in seeing it in the future), this newsletter can be both a space for us to connect and discuss, as well as a space where you can see all that happened beforehand and be able to get involved in all that happens since then.
Welcome to the Inconceivable Journey. A true story in real time.

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